MacBook Nastiness

badapple.jpgOoof… Maybe Intel is infecting these things with some latent Windows virii because everyone we know is having MacBook troubles. Take the famed Dave Winer, por ejemplo:

I continue to have problems with all three of my Macs. The new black MacBook shuts down on its own in the middle of my work. The original G4 laptop is still blue-screening, and my dual CPU desktop G4 is blue-screening more frequently (on average once a day). I’m seriously thinking about shopping for a new computer, a Windows machine, fed up with the awful Mac hardware. In the meantime I’m using the old Sony Vaio as my mobile computer. The software isn’t as nice as the Mac, and the screen is much harder on my old eyes, but, knock wood, it works and the Macs don’t. Permanent link to this item in the archive.

He’s going Sony, people. This is serious. Steve? Wake up! Steve!

Scripting News: 9/3/2006