Very Early Look at Synthasite's Ajax Website Builder

South Africa based incuBeta will soon launch a website builder called Synthasite to help people build webpages entirely online. It will include a lot of the functionality of desktop applications like

A Moment to Say Thanks to our Sponsors

Just a quick note to say Thank You to our six TechCrunch sponsors, as well as the companies that have listed job openings at the CrunchBoard job board. If you are interested in sponsoring the TechCrun

BarCamp London big success [photos]

  TechCrunch UK were one of the sponsors of BarCampLondon A quick congratulations to organiser(s) of this weekend’s BarCamp London.  It seems the event was very well received, with most peop

MacBook Nastiness

Ooof… Maybe Intel is infecting these things with some latent Windows virii because everyone we know is having MacBook troubles. Take the famed Dave Winer, por ejemplo: I continue to have problem

No more boo-hoo bills with Mobiboo

London based Mobiboo, the UK’s first commercial VoIP phone network to be allocated a UK mobile number range, 07911, today announced the official launch of its mobile VoIP service. “The cost-s

ComBOTS is easy VOIP and file transfer for your avatars

ComBOTS is a German company that has just taken its product to beta and appears aimed to carve a chunk out of Skype’s potential customer base. You’ll have to get in line for an account rig

Google launches click-to-call in UK

Search Engine Watch is reporting that Google has now implemented Click-To-Call features in the UK. A search on the word jet2 at brings up this ad. If you click on the green phone icon,

WebWorkerDaily, for the Web 2.0 Worker

Om Malik’s blog network is starting to take shape as he launches WebWorkerDaily this afternoon. The new site is a blog for the distributed worker, where the office is wherever their laptop happe

Has Yahoo found the answer?

In the battle to win the search war, Yahoo! UK & Ireland have officially launched Yahoo! Answers today, a collaborative social networking service that enables you to ask other members questions,

Geesee to offer cross-site chat by tag

Geesee is an early stage startup from Slovakia that will combine topical web chat, tag search and widgets. If you’ve seen MeeboMe, imagine instead a widget that connects a network of web chat ro

Is Autoquake set to shake up the car industry

AutoQuake, the company formed in 2005 and made famous by selling David Beckham’s convertible BMW, has rapidly grown into the UK’s foremost online vehicle “remarketing” company

OpenBC Design Challenge – €10,000 Prize

OpenBC is a Hamburg, Germany based professional social networking site that is often compared to LinkedIN. They were founded in late 2003, are profitable, and boast nearly 2 million members and 275 mi