Zinadoo is easy to do.

Irish based, Nubiq who specialise in community mobile solutions, has launched its first product, Zinadoo. Thanks to Paul Watson in Ireland for alerting me to the launch covered in the The Irish Times.

Zinadoo provides a service that enables end-users to create their own mobile website from their computer. The service provides a full solution to end-users to enable them to take existing website content and create, deploy and manage new mobile services and mobile websites. Users don’t have to write software, develop and manage connections to operator’s networks and gateways, or host, manage and monitor the service.

In addition to mobile website creation, an end user can create their own text services to promote their site, invite people to see it and use it and to build community services.

The zinadoo services range from group texting, to text voting and automated text response services. Having quickly created my own mobile site. It is an easy, simple but effective way for people to express themselves through the creation of websites using their mobile phones.

Helene Haughney, Chief Executive, Nubiq said: “Until now internet users who create content and services on the web, be it social networking, journaling or using sites for photo distribution, have had no way of doing so for mobile apart from simple blog support. As a solution to this, we developed zinadoo to be used by individuals, social clubs, high growth SMEs, anyone in fact, to build innovative mobile websites and community services. It allows businesses and communities to communicate using the most effective means available today – the mobile phone.

The zinadoo product is being trialled under the EU funded eTen market validation project.