On the Nth Day of Christmas, There Shall Be 360s

Eurogamer TV had an opportunity to talk with Microsoft Europe boss Chris Lewis at the Leipzig Game Conference last week, and apparently, Lewis had some great news to tell all of our moms. After the disaster that was the 360 launch (I found myself at 3 different Target stores before 9 AM), this year’s holidays seem to be under control. When asked if Microsoft would be ready for this year’s onslaught, Lewis replied:

I’m very confident that we have the production capacity to suit our ambitions. And there will be no stock shortages anywhere in the region over this Christmas period, I can assure you of that.

So make sure that your mom reads this article, and diggs it, and saves it to Del.icio.us — and you might as well print it out for her, too.

‘No 360 shortages this Xmas’ – Lewis [gamesindustry.biz via Kotaku]