Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest at

Sorry to horn in like this, but we have a little contest going on over at that you might enjoy. Here are the rules.

The concept is pretty simple: take your picture holding up a sign with your own name or a sassy saying and then pass that sign to a friend and have them take their own picture THEN have that friend pass it on to one of their friends, ideally someone YOU don’t know. Simply repeat this process and try to grab a great long chain of folks. The entrant with the most links in the chain wins the Motorola Q and the entrant with the coolest pictures – maybe they’re taken very artistically or they include a celebrity – wins a Kodak Easyshare v603 camera.

Feel free to stop by and potentially win a nice phone or a great point-and-shoot camera. We now return you to your regularly scheduled Web 2.0 hoo-haa.

Six Degrees of Crunchation Contest