Is Mark Pincus Back at Tribe?

Update: This is now confirmed. Mark Pincus is back at Tribe.

This is just weird. Mark Pincus may be back at Tribe. Or someone may have just hijacked his Tribe account.

Mark was ousted from his CEO spot back in April (first spotted by Marc Canter, and Matt Marshall has a good summary here). New CEO Jan Gullet took over, and Pincus commented at the time “I don’t really enjoy being a day to day manager of people and projects…and it’s not something I think I’m particularly good at. Is this a case of another founder being pushed out, kicking and screaming? That’s never the case with me.”

But today Eran Globen found a listing on Mark Pincus’ Tribe page that says Mark is back, Jan is gone and other changes are on the way:

This is also here, with a different title.

The language and method of communicating this message is odd to say the least. But this is definitely Mark’s Tribe page. I emailed Mark the link and asked him if he has a comment. He replied “Yes in an hour” but I haven’t heard back from him after two hours and a couple of additional emails from me.

So I have no idea what this is all about, but Mark has my attention. And, there is a very good chance that someone simply broke into Mark’s Tribe account and posted this.