Toshiba TDP-ET20U: Instant Theater

The TDP-ET20U is an all-in-one projector with build-in DVD player as well as an HDMI port and component video. It can accept a 1080i HD source and can display a 9-foot image from a mere 3.9-feet from a wall or screenin 854×480 pixel resolution (480i).

It has a 2000:1 contrast ratio at 1100 lumens and 16:9 aspect ration. It can even play CDs and supports just about every video CD and DVD standard known to man. It’s also very elegant, looking like a preying mantis head more than anything else.

The worst thing is the price – $1,399 for a 480p projector is right on par but I would love to see this thing go down a bit, making it perfect for the basement rumpus room. Available in retail stores in September.