QuickerTek Takes Macbook Pro to 5.5 dBi


QuickerTek has released a new omni-directional antenna for use with the 15″ MacBook Pro. This newly designed 5.5 dBi rig is capable of increasing exponentially the range of portables equipped with it. It will also allow users to connect to those distant networks at significantly higher speeds. There is a catch though, QuickerTek warns about installation:

This one is not that easy to do. Unless you’ve had your MacBook Pro open to install memory or other upgrade, then leave this one to the pros. Contact Daystar Technology by clicking the link below. If you do have installation experience, then go for it!

It is available now for $100 and includes the antenna, all the elements for mounting, a utilities disc and an illustrated installation guide, in case you’re not intimidated by their scary warning.

5.5 dBi Antenna for MacBook Pro