Heads Roll At AOL, Including CTO

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The heads are rolling at AOL over the recent search engine data clusterfuck (see here, here, here and here).

CTO Maureen Govern and two other employees are now history. John McKinley, AOL’s former CTO, will take over on an interim basis. See here and John Paczkowski for more.

From my discussion with Andrew Weinstein, the AOL spokesperson who apologized on behalf of AOL after the data dump, my understanding is that this entire event was caused by a single clueless researcher and a complete lack of oversight by his managers. Hopefully these firings are tied to the actual people responsible and not just for the sake of holding someone, anyone, responsible.

  • http://www.geise.com PXLated

    Good post Steve.
    And – Please bring back the Gillmore Gang.
    Wondered how long it would last with Leo, never seemed a good fit. Leo’s a good guy but his personality definitely didn’t fit the Gang.
    In the mean time, how about some real-time consciousness streaming – Attention Deficit Theater – with the Doctor.

    • Kyle

      Leo saved the Gillmor Gang. I never even heard of it until Leo started streaming it live.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Hamish_MacEwan/720296769 Hamish MacEwan

    Hi Steve,

    Wondered if there would be any significant fallout to the spat, particular given the rapid reconciliation of the protagonists. C’est la vie. Forever, part of the addictive nature of the Gang and its precursors was the fragility and random nature of its rewards.

    Selfishly I approved of the move to TwIT.tv as it injected a slight amount of structure while retaining some of the anarchy, and you seemed to calm Leo’s DJ angst about dead air, mostly.

    On the post, I hope I read it right when you wrote:

    Q: “the eternal where’s the money.”

    A: “Right where it’s always been — the enterprise.”

    Which puzzled me a little as the non-enterprise market is generally larger and if cost-effectively served more profitable. Plenty of room at the bottom as Feynman and C. K. Prahalad have both observed.

    But reading on to your discussion of mobile, a mass market if ever there was one, which is moving further down the pyramid everyday, did you mean the money was going to the enterprises who can efficiently serve mobile? The carriers, handset and apps providers (now that they have begun their inevitable structural separation)?

    Hope the Gang recovers soon, and distribution returns to live and recorded modes. Its proved pretty robust in the past.

    • Steve Gillmor

      while the realtime platform is being built out in the consumer space, the money will appear in the enterprise space. Salesforce, Google Apps, Exchange Online are already leveraging the cloud, and micromessaging will be the foundation of Y3K

  • ed

    Will the Gilmore Gang be broadcast anywhere?
    I thought everything between you, Leo and Steve
    was patched up.

    Leo completely over reacted.

  • Jim

    I for one would LOVE to have the Gang continue somehow. I love Leo’s stuff and I love the Gang- including Mike. One of my top 3 or 4 podcasts for a long time.

  • Jason

    A timely post in one of many parallel universes. I was able to attend a lecture a discussion by Howard Bloom ( Global Brain, Lucifer Principal, etc) where the topic was “The Infinity Chip” aka Web 5.0, 6.0, 7.0. In other words, what you Steve have been talking about for several years. The audience pondered the hardware implementation or user interface of the futuristic Infinity chip with ideas pushed forward of genetically engineered biometric implants. Said commenter failed to see the irony of his statement as he was being filmed by another commenter with a flip video camera. To quote you Steve, “If is going to be true, it is true.” The hardware implementations were available June 18, 2009. This revolution will be televised.

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  • bavb

    i’m sure the gillmor gang will be back one day, until then, sigh…

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