Fox Streams More TV to Internet

Fox has released its “Full Throttle” platform which streams television shows over the internet.

We’ve been waiting for this since it was first announced in April (and further covered here).

It’s unclear exactly what shows will eventually be streamed (although we know some of them). The project is complicated by the fact that Fox has to negotiate separate deals with each of its local affiliates, and multiple Fox business units are involved (Fox Interactive Media built the platform and Fox Digital negotiates with the affiliates). However, shows are available on nine fox owned and operated sites now, and affiliates will be rolled out later this year or early next year.

For an example, see Fox’s Los Angeles site, and click on the “Fox on Demand” area. To view shows you must be on a Windows machine and download their player. If you are not in the Los Angeles area, you can still view the content by saying you live in LA – use the address “407 Maple Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90210” (Fox Interactive’s offices :-)).

Currently available shows include Prison Break, Bones, American Dad, The Loop and Stacked. Recent and older content is available for all of the shows, and Fox will be adding more episodes.

A quick check showed no ads within the episodes, and a banner ad below the streaming window. Scott Grogin, SVP of Corporate Communications at Fox Broadcasting says that there will also be “non-skippable” video ads within the stream itself starting as early as tomorrow. (ABC is doing something similar).

Fox is also announcing that Toyota is the exclusive sponsor of the project.

My two cents: kill the ads and make this work on all platforms without a download. Also, give me a link to download this to my iPod. Duplicating what already isn’t working at ABC is no way to go.