bullshitr Is Good For a Laugh

We see a lot of startups here at TechCrunch, and sometimes we read an entire company submission without getting the slightest clue of what the heck the company does. So today when I saw bullshitr on the Digg home page, I had a “so funny because it’s true” moment.

The “Web 2.0 Bullshit Generator” will generate “bullshit-compliant products and services” with the click of a button. I also appreciate that the creator has included links to related services to give the budding entrepreneur all of the tools they need to “sell your company to Yahoo”.

  1. Use Bullshitr to define your product
  2. Use Buzzphrase Generator for your marketing materials
  3. Name your company with Andrew Woolridge’s Web 2.0 Company Name Generator
  4. Create your logo with the Web 2.0 Logo Generator
  5. Sell your company to Yahoo
  6. Repeat :-)

Very funny stuff. My bullshit was “disintermediate blogging platforms” which sounds pretty good to me.