Apple WiFi Vulnerability was Fictitious


I’m sure you remember all that fuss about those holes in the Apple WiFi drivers. Well as reality would have it, those claims were erroneous. TUAW reports that SecureWorks, the company sponsoring all this noise, didn’t find a flaw in Apple’s drivers at all. It turns out, the defects exist in a third party card and software that was used to facilitate these shenanigans.

Apparently the two “hackers” behind this deception perpetrated the scheme out of annoyance over the new Mac commercials featuring Hodgman and the kid from “Jeepers Creepers.” Now I own a mixture of Macs and PCs and as much as I’m trying to resist, I’m slowly being won over by Macs entirely. I do, however, find the smugness of some Apple users over their systems rather infuriating. Nevertheless, I could be wrong, but it seems to me that this will only serve to heighten that feeling of superiority. Sigh.

SecureWorks admits to falsifying MacBook wireless hack [TUAW via Engadget]