Ready To Party?

The TechCrunch August Capital party is tonight, Friday, at August Capital in Menlo Park (map). The fun starts at 6 pm. Additional details are on the wiki.

There will be plenty to eat and drink, lots of companies will be demo’ing, and as always Pandora is piping in the music. Wine has been donated from Stormhoek and Silicon Valley Bank. We have a personally signed, limited edition lithograph of a cartoon created by Hugh Macleod for every attendee (thanks Hugh!).

Lots of press will be there, including a CBS news crew led by Sue Kwon and many podcasters, videocasters and bloggers. Scott Beale is our “official” photographer.

We have a number of announcements by startups throughout the night, and a bunch of surprises. And this is also your chance to meet most of the Crunch Network team in person. John Biggs (CrunchGear), Marshall Kirkpatrick (TechCrunch), Oliver Starr (MobileCrunch) and Nick Gonzalez (analyst) will be there to shake hands and meet companies. Hopefully we’ll remember to take a group picture before Marshall gets so loopy he falls asleep under a demo table. :-)

Things to know:

  • Details on the Party are on the Socialtext wiki
  • The attendee list is completely shut down. If you would like to attend and you are not on the wiki, the only way is to buy the two tickets being auctioned on eBay. Details of the auction are here – proceeds go to charity.
  • Ok, there is one other way to get in…guess the ending ebay auction price above and get the very last ticket (thanks Zoli and Zoho).
  • This party is not at my house this time, it is at a respectable venture firm’s offices. Please keep your clothes on.
  • Please use the “techcrunch7” tag on flickr and other photo sharing sites.

I’d like to thank the party sponsors once again – without them and August Capital this party would not be happening.

Party Sponsors: