Marriott Hotels Ready Wireless Check-In


Mariott International has announced an initiative that will allow guests to check-in wirelessly with Microsoft Windows Mobile-based smartphones. The process end-to-end Intel Architecture and proprietary software from Arrive.

This will enable guests to check into their rooms while in a cab on the way to the hotel from the airport. Through the software, users can change room types, get welcome information and confirm rates. The software’s design is such that if, while in transit to the hotel, the user loses connection, when the person reconnects he or she will be able to restart check-in from the point at which the connection dropped. Once at the hotel, guests will be able to claim their door cards from an automated dispenser.

Although this system is currently only in the testing phase, it seems to be a good idea. I’d expect to start seeing these things in wide use sometime next year.

Marriott Hotel Working on Mobile Wireless Check-in [Slashphone]