CrunchedGear: The Crunchiest


Alright everybody, it’s Friday and our CrunchedGear contest is in full swing. We’re looking for pictures of your most beaten up gear–cracked, smashed, destroyed, etc. The more broken, the better. Our lucky, or unlucky depending on how you look at it, winners can choose among a Norelco 7240XL or any of these items from Proporta:

  • Proporta BlackBerry 8700 hard case
  • Proporta screen protector
  • Proporta 4-in-1 pen
  • Proporta Tungsten T5 case
  • Proporta in-car mount
  • To enter, simply send a picture of your old and busted gear to crunchgear at gmail dot com. Entries must be received by noon on Monday. We will choose five winners–the first place winner gets first pick, second place second pick and so on. Please try to keep your images at or below 520 pixels wide.