Amazon video download pages discovered pre-launch

Web developer Alan Taylor has used some creative thinking and the power of Google to unearth what appears to be a series of pages from’s forthcoming video download service – Amazon Unbox. Amazon announced in late July that they would begin offering video downloads in mid August. The company said that the service would be called Amazon Digital Video, would be subscription driven and would use a desktop client.

Now the unearthed pages indicate that the service will be called Amazon Unbox. Taylor found a main page and pages for Twentieth Century Fox, the Sci-Fi genre (see also this discovered page titled Lumier Digital Video) and a page for downloading the desktop player. The player is sparse looking but includes a tab labeled “devices,” downloaded videos will be viewable on PCs, TVs and portable devices. It will be very interesting to see how the portable devices play turns out.

TV shows will be offered for $1.99 per episode, DVD movies for between $9.99 and $14.99.

While you’re checking out Alan Taylor’s page, see also his linkbacks bookmarklet – long one of my favorites.