Scala Rider Bluetooth Helmet Headset For Motorcyclists

rider_black.jpgNormal Bluetooth headsets don’t really work on motorcycles—a few friends of mine have tried. This Scala Rider headset was made especially for riders, with its boom mic and thinner body so it doesn’t get in the way of the helmet. The headset clamps into the helmet itself, the speaker goes into your ear, and the boom mic goes in front of your face.

What did tech digest think about this? Well, you’ll have to set up speech recognition on it first in order to make calls on the freeway. But once you’ve got that up and running, the sound quality is excellent. They said it was almost impossible to tell the rider was going 70MPH while they were making the call. Unfortunately, this was only with closed helmets, as open-air helmets still suffered from all the wind passing by the mic.

The buttons on the unit were kind of small to hit with gloves on, and there’s no MP3 or GPS integration. Otherwise, this is a pretty great headset for motorcyclists, and will cost you £75, or $141

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