Locate 1 GPS Tracker

locate1gps.jpgGreat for keeping tabs on your kid, your wife, or your boss, the Locate 1 GPS tracker transmits data wirelessly to their servers so you can monitor these people from the comfort of your own office. Not only can you tell where your victim is going when the data updates every half hour, you can tell if they’ve gone over a certain speed limit or crossed into designated “off-limits” zones.

The Locate 1 is small enough to be hidden in a bag, in a trunk or in a purse, but requires a monthly fee of $15 to $50, and doesn’t have unlimited power. So you’ll have to break into your ex-wife’s car every so often to swap in a fresh set of batteries to keep your plan going. And, you’ll have to scrounge up $499.95 to buy one. Good luck with that, deadbeat dad.

Product Page [Sharper Image via Coolest Gadgets]