VP180 Skype Mouse

skypemouse.jpgIf anyone has any reason why a mouse should not be united with a Skype phone, speak now or forever hold your peace. Nobody? Good. Just like the USB Hub + Bluetooth Dongle and the Security Camera + Heater, this thing takes two things we like and combines it into one thing we love.

The mouse works like a regular two-button, scroll-wheel mouse, but when you flip it over there’s a keypad and call/end buttons. There’s no screen, unfortunately, so you’ll have to cycle through your Skype contacts on your monitor instead.

The only downside we can see to this is that the keyboard and mouse is probably the dirtiest part of your desk, so that would probably be a bad idea to put it up to your mouth. Just saying.

800dpi USB Skype phone mouse [AVING via Slashgear]