Planar Xscreen: They Might Think It's a Plasma TV

We’re hearing a lot of talk about gigantic-screen TVs, some of them costing upwards of $50,000, but if you’re using a projector, you can have a humongous-sized screen at a tenth of that price. This 100-inch selectively-reflective Xscreen from Planar has a built-in optical filter, reflecting light from the projector while absorbing room light. Perhaps its most appealing attribute is its uncanny similarity to a 100-inch plasma display.

The idea solves one of the few drawbacks to using a front projector: the room must be darkened in order to enjoy a bright and contrasty picture. Now all you have to do is hope no one notices that projector hanging from the ceiling or sitting on the shelf on the back wall. A slight drawback to this shrewd scheme is the Xscreen’s price, $4871, but that’s still considerably cheaper than that 100-inch plasma display.

Plana’s TV-like 100-inch screen []