M-Audio Session Music Creation Software

M-Audio is now offering its Session software for Windows PCs in a stand-alone configuration, bundled with the low-cost Micro interface. Before, it was only available as a package with M-Audio’s more-expensive FastTrack USB audio interface, but now the $49 software can be used on its own, and using the ASIO (audio streaming in/out) driver lets you input your sources using the M-Audio Micro USB interface.

Session is designed to be easy to use, and lets you make music right away without a steep learning curve. It ships with 3.5GB of loops and instrumental content, and you can drag-and-drop those tracks onto Session’s timeline along with those you’ve created using the included Micro USB interface.

Keep in mind that M-Audio is part of the same company that makes Digidesign Pro Tools, the standard of the professional audio industry. Perhaps the consumer audio company has learned a thing or two from its mighty pro brother…?

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