Xbox 360 Roadmap Sneak Peek

xbox360road.jpgHardOCP got a peek at the upcoming Xbox 360 features heading our way in the near future. Among them, the $200-ish HD DVD drive, support for 1080p resolutions, and a Media Center overhaul for Xbox 360.

The $200 HD DVD drive is a welcome attachment for Xbox 360 owners, and 1080p resolution support will help make the Xbox 360 a true player for High Definition content. Games probably won’t be run at 1080p, at least at first, since it requires more processing power to generate more pixels. Later on, we suppose it’s up to game developers to decide whether they will support 1080p or not.

The Media Center overhaul is a strange development, seeing as the Xbox 360 is already a front-end for Windows XP Media Center and Windows Vista. Maybe instead of streaming video, they’re going to offer a more on-board solution that plays DivX or other movie files directly off the Xbox. Only time and Steve Ballmer will tell. And Ballmer would sooner throw a chair at you.

Xbox 360 Roadmap Peeked At [HardOCP]