Sharpcast aims to synch all your data

Oliver at MobileCrunch has a long post today about Sharpcast, currently a photo tool that synches data effortlessly across desktop, web and mobile interfaces. Each time you log in to any device your data is synched automatically across all of them and the mobile user interface looks exactly like the desktop interface. Sharpcast’s synchronization technology, the company says though, is set to change the way more than just photos are worked with. Oliver calls it a “Universal Push Synchronization Engine” and says it’s like Blackberry technology but for every kind of data.

With $16.5 million in funding from investors like Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Selby Venture Partners and Sigma Partners, Sharpcast is in a good position to move ahead with its vision.

Synchronization across multiple platforms is much easier said than done, just look at the RSS space. If Sharpcast can take the next step beyond photos it could become a very important technology.