Segway Unveils New Hotness


Segway has officially launched their newest personal transporters, the i2 and the x2. The units feature a slew of new features and updated functionality. Most notable of which are LeanSteer, a newly designed steering mechanism, and InfoKey, a highly intuitive starting device that displays a variety of information.

Earlier this month it was announced that Segway had received a nod from the FCC for the new models–the detachable InfoKey was likely the cause of them needing that approval. If someone tries to tamper with your parked Segway, the unit will lock its wheels, vibrate its chassis, sound an alarm and send a message to your InfoKey, alerting you to the burglary.


The i2 model is intended primarily for commuters and urbanites, with prices starting at $4,995. The x2 on the other hand is more rugged, featuring knobby wheels and an elevated chassis for clearing obstacles that might lay in your path. It also carries a heftier price, starting at $5495 without accessories. Each unit is capable of speeds up to 12.5mph, so don’t expect to get anywhere fast on one of these things.