Fox to sell video on demand on MySpace, across other sites

FIM logoFox Interactive Media (FIM) and Twentieth Century Fox announced this morning a partnership to offer video downloads of feature films and television shows across a wide swath of FIM properties online, beginning with the game download site Direct2Drive in October and eventually including MySpace.

In what the announcement claimed was a first, the downloads will be transferable to any Windows Media portable device. Each download will be viewable on two computers and one portable device per computer. Feature films will cost around $19.99 and TV episodes $1.99. The DRM and the pricing are to be expected for such a partnership, but I suppose being allowed to transfer a file you’ve purchased to a portable device you own is notable.

We’ve covered a number of other video on demand partnerships here lately, but this one is obviously notable for the incredible breadth of high-traffic sites at issue. This may also be the first time an additional revenue model other than advertising has emerged from MySpace. Hopefully this Fall we’ll see a serious catalogue of videos available for easy download expand quickly across the FIM network. This could be a move that puts video on demand on the map, especially if the offering is meatier than whatever iTunes is offering by then.