Belkin's Fancy Surge Protectors Hide Your Cable Shame

clamp-on_surgeprotector_lfstyl.jpgGizmodo has a first look at Belkin’s upcoming special surge protectors that mount on your desk, conceal cables, or just flip open and shut for better organization.

The first one is the Clamp-On Surge Protector (above image) which mounts on the back or side of your desk. Since the unit is off the ground, all the cables from your desk only need to go to the back and into the strip, keeping your ground nice and tidy. These are $35 each.

The second, the Concealed Surge Protector has 8 outlets and hides cables away. The body flips open so you can tuck many feet of cables away. These are $39.

The last, the Compact Surge Protector has 11 outlets arranged so that the large AC adapters won’t interfere with the smaller ports. Quite handy, and very attractive to boot. These will be $49.

First Look: Belkin Surge Protectors, Good for Cable Management Fiends [Gizmodo]