XOFTspy Portable Anti-Spyware Drive


Any world traveller worth their salt knows to pack a few important things – a towel, a guidebook, and protection. That’s why ParetoLogic created the XOFTspy, a USB key that protects you from spyware on the road. Just pop it in an you’ve got instant-anti-web-herpes cleaning in a flash.

The program can detect and kill most mal- and spyware applications and even has an enterprise use model:

IT administrators can now issue employees U3 USB flash drives, confident they will not bring spyware into the corporate network

Pretty ingenious, but there better be some sort of USB modding going on if this were to ever work. Imagine telling your employees to only use this fancy XOFTspy key rather than that cool 2GB one they bought at Circuit City.

Product Page [Paretologic]