New Lycos email tops Gmail in storage, attachment size

Lycos announced today that their beta email service now offers 3 GB of storage and allow attachments of “essentially unlimited” size to be sent and received. Gmail is currently topping out at 2.75 gigs of storage, Hotmail at 250 MB and both limit attachments to 10 MB. For $20 per year, Lycos will up the limit to 5 GB of storage.

To prevent infrequent use just for sending huge files, there’s a stipulation that Lycos mail accounts that go unused for 30 days will be deleted, but for $6 per year that limit is removed. Upping the storage and attachment size limits will probably be of interest primarily to people working with multimedia files, for which there are plenty of other options online to store and send such files, but adding this functionality to an everyday email account is a good move.

Whether Lycos can offer search and spam filtering as good as Gmail’s remains to be seen. It also stands at a disadvantage via Gmail’s integration with the rest of Google’s offerings. Gmail’s tabbed conversations and ability to view a wide variety of file types as HTML are also features Lycos mail lacks. Links clicked in emails at Lycos can be viewed inline, without leaving your email interface – that’s nice. One way or the other, the email wars continue. Thanks to Gary Price for pointing this out.