Yodel Anecdotal – The Yahoo Corporate Blog

Yahoo launched Yodel Anecdotal, their first corporate level blog, tonight at 10:30 pm PST. The first post, by Niki Dugan, is here. Like TechCrunch, Yahoo chose WordPress for their blogging platform.

My friend Havi Hoffman, who’s part of the influencer marketing group at Yahoo, emailed to tell me about the blog, writing “The blog is the brainchild of Nicki Dugan, Senior Director of Corporate Communications. (“Naked Conversations” has been on her bookshelf from the beginning.) Paul Stamatiou, our talented summer intern, a Georgia Tech junior who blogs about tech at www.pstam.com, took on the role of lead developer and built a custom WordPress blog on a Yahoo! Web Hosting Professional server.”

Yahoo has a number of product level blogs, some on WordPress and others on Yahoo 360. Google’s corporate blog, which is one of the most popular according to Technorati, is hosted on blogspot, of course, which Google owns.