• OpenDNS wants to watch the web for you

    OpenDNS is a new start up that wants users to redirect web traffic through its DNS nameservers, where an unusually large cache and an aggregated list of sites deemed guilty of phishing will make our web surfing faster and safer. It’s free and as simple as changing your DNS address from your ISP and to OpenDNS, but a number of serious concerns about the service have already been… Read More

  • StumbleUpon now IE friendly

    The wildly popular Firefox extension StumbleUpon released this morning a toolbar for Internet Explorer users. The service lets you browse around web sites that have been recommended by friends and other users with interests similar to your own. Users can also write reviews of sites. The end result is a very compelling user experience that’s likely to explode now that it’s… Read More

  • MoveDigital launches metered torrents, mobile streaming; John Edwards and Rocketboom among first customers

    MoveDigital launched a pay-as-you-go digital media distribution service this morning that includes a very easy way to turn media into torrents and mobile streams. Senator John Edwards has announced that he will use both the company’s torrent and mobile technologies in his “OneAmerica” tour. The videoblog RocketBoom will also use MoveDigital’s service to distribute… Read More

  • iTunes video rental announcement foreseen

    The blog that was sued over disclosing leaked information about the Mac Mini before its launch, ThinkSecret, reports that Apple CEO Steve Jobs will announce the availability of movie rentals on iTunes at next month’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. Rental instead of purchase is the key issue here. The use of Digital Rights Management to limit how long a video file can be… Read More

  • ShopWiki announces $6.2m in funding

    New York based ShopWiki is announcing $6.2 million in new funding today from VC firm Generation Partners. I wrote about ShopWiki at the end of last month and it’s got an impressive feature set – including wiki style buying guides, user generated video reviews and a cool search by color function. The new financial backing will power a multi-year plan for international expansion… Read More

  • Digg to Add Sports, Swarm & Stack

    Version 3 of Digg launched late last month with tweaks to the user interface, and new categories to expand Digg beyond technology news. The release, along with user stats that show massive growth, pushed Digg into the consciousness of mainstream Internet users for the first time. For more information on version 3 of Digg, listen to our podcast with the Digg founders, Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson… Read More

  • Bix sees green in online contests

    American Idol proved not just that we love watching the highs and lows of wannabe superstars, but that a surprising number of us wanted to be up there. It’s these two factors that make Bix, a company enabling public and private contests online, think the service it’s about to launch is a winner. When I first played around with the Beta site, I couldn’t stop thinking it was… Read More

  • Got Herpes? Try Prescription4Love

    Are niche dating sites viable? For some niches, they just may be. Prescription4Love.com is a dating site for people with diabetes, cancer, obesity, STDs and a variety of other chronic conditions. It’s intended to be a safe space for people who risk serious embarrassment talking about their medical conditions with people who cannot relate. I think it’s a great idea. The… Read More

  • YouTube serves 100m videos each day

    The big news of the morning is that YouTube has announced it’s hit 100 million videos served per day. Founded in early 2005, the company has raised at least $11.5 million in venture funding from Sequoia Capital. It’s one of many startups offering video sharing services, but for some reason now has an incredibly dominant position. This weekend’s announcement said that 60%… Read More

  • New Yahoo Home Page Goes Live Today

    Lots of Yahoo news today. In addition to the new Yahoo Finance site that launches later today, Yahoo is finally taking its new home page, previously in beta at yahoo.com/preview, live on the main yahoo.com site. The launch is U.S. only, other markets will follow shortly. We’ve all know this was coming for some time. Yahoo began testing the new home page with some users back in February. Read More

  • Yahoo Tweaks Finance

    Yahoo Finance is launching a volley of tweaks to its Finance site tomorrow. The changes include the addition of interactive stock charts, improved message boards and business-related video clips from ABC.com, CNN.com, Forbes.com and SmartMoney. Yahoo will also be releasing a finance widget for websites, which we wrote about in mid-May. The changes are clearly in response to Google Finance… Read More

  • Feedburner Announces Acquisition of Blogbeat

    Chicago-based RSS management company Feedburner is announcing the acquisition of Blogbeat on Monday. The deal will allow Feedburner to expand its reach with customers beyond RSS management. Details as Feedburner.com/blogbeat. We profiled Blogbeat in February. It is a blog analytics service similar to Measure Map (which was itself acquired by Google in February 2006). In a phone conversation… Read More

  • Salesforce announces upgrade, dev conference in October

    Salesforce.com will undergo its seasonal Summer ’06 upgrade on Monday and has released information for the first time about a developers component at their annual users conference. This year’s Dreamforce conference will include a sub-conference October 9-11th for Web 2.0 developers interested in moving out of the consumer sector and into bringing applications to market for… Read More

  • Odeo Releases Twttr

    Odeo released a new service today called Twttr, which is a sort of “group send” SMS application. Each person controls their own network of friends. When any of them send a text message to “40404,” all of his or her friends see the message via sms. This launched officially today, and a few select insiders were playing with the service at the Valleyschwag party in San… Read More

  • MyWhatSpace sends group messages in MySpace

    I don’t know if this violates the MySpace terms of service or not, I wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s cool. MyWhatSpace is a PC desktop app that lets you separate your MySpace friends into groups and send messages to all the members of any group at once. So I can send one message to college friends, one to family members, etc. This would be a very logical feature for MySpace… Read More

  • Earthlink Rolls out New Photo and Storage Service

    Last week Earthlink released a free online RSS reader, and a social bookmarking site. Recently, word has leaked (Earthlink actually quietly announced this on their blog in June) that a much more ambitious project, called WebLife, is now live as well. WebLife is a combination of two services: photo management and sharing, and online storage/backup. The basic service allows 1 GB of storge and… Read More

  • Who-R-You Connects Email with Photo

    German startup Who-R-You is a dead simple social network. It also may turn out to be one of the most straightforward online dating sites (although that it not its stated use). Go to the site, tell it your email address and add a picture of yourself. Confirm your email. Done. Visitors to the site can browse pictures, or type in an email address and see if a picture is associated with it. Read More

  • Multiply closes first funding round

    Online social network Multiply has closed a Series A funding round with $5 million from Transcosmos and $1 million from the company’s founders. Multiply is a service that filters all networking functions, from highlighted users to visible tag clouds, through a proximity filter with a slider. In other words, users determine whether they want to view information about people just on… Read More

  • Zooomr Being Courted

    Rumors are circulating that controversial photo sharing site Zooomr, the creation of 18 year old Kristopher Tate, is in acquisition discussions with at least three possible acquirors, with discussions taking place in the $5 million range. I ran the rumor by one of the supposed bidders, who confirmed on the condition of anonymitity that they were in talks to acquire the company. They said… Read More

  • Skype Protocol Hacked

    Reports are coming in from Asia that the Skype protocol has been hacked. If accurate, this means that users can access the Skype VOIP network without using the Skype client – calls could be made through third party software directly to and from Skype users. A Skype-compatible client may be available by the end of July. The reports are also suggesting that the new software will not… Read More

  • When Did Earthlink Get So Cool?

    Earthlink doesn’t conjure up images of cutting edge new web apps. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Earthlink is my old dial-up ISP account that took me forever to cancel. And on more than one occasion I’ve asked Steve Gillmor, who boasts Earthlink as a sponsor on his influential tech show Gillmor Gang, if any of his listeners (early adopter types) would… Read More

  • Technorati scores $7.6m more funding

    Blog search engine Technorati raised an additional $7.6 million in Series C funding in June from previous investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Mobius Venture Capital. The information has been picked up from a SEC document files by one of the investor’s limited partners. Notably, August Capital, a previous investor, did not participate in this round. This news comes just after news of… Read More

  • Brand your life story with Dandelife

    Dandelife is a fascinating new “social biography network” that launched its beta this week. Users tell their life stories with text, photos, videos and time lines. Part of the business model will be to license users’ stories to corporations seeking case studies and brandable narratives. I feel very ambivalent about this. The company is lead by Kelly Abbot of marketing firm… Read More

  • Empressr, A Flash PowerPoint Competitor

    A number of Ajax based powerpoint applications have launched in the past few month – notably Zoho Show and Thumbstacks (Thumbstacks also has a Flash option). Empressr, headquartered in New York, is the newest entrant into this space. It’s a flash-based application with rudimentary features. Online office applications are serious business with real acquisition possibilities. Writely… Read More

  • IM interoperability: not just a dream anymore

    Microsoft just announced that today marks the first day that interoperability between its IM client and Yahoo! Messenger with Voice is available. Microsoft says this is the first time two distinct, global consumer brands have made their IM clients interoperable. The combined user base of nearly 350 million accounts is the world’s largest, the company says. IM interoperability took… Read More

  • Firefox 2.0 beta – the highlights

    A first Beta version of Firefox 2.0, called Bon Echo, is now available. (download for Mac or PC) The 2.0 Alpha had been available since March. Firefox 1.0 was released on November 9, 2004. Will 2.0 be a world-changer? There are some nice new features and if the memory and stability issues have been improved at all then there will be parties in the streets. Recent numbers indicate that… Read More

  • Amazon releases early info on S3 storage use

    Just over three months ago Amazon made a major move beyond online retail with the launch of its S3 grid storage service. The company today released some information about the program’s early progress. Online storage as a utility might seem unexciting to some, but it could be a real boon to innovation. S3 just passed 800 million discrete objects stored and has some interesting… Read More

  • KickApps social networking software launches

    KickApps, a white label social networking software service, launched publicly today. Think of it as a way for any web site to add functionality similar to MySpace or YouTube. After looking at the way that the system works, I can say that KickApps looks strong on a technology level. While major media companies seem excited these days about buying social networking sites, this is a way they… Read More

  • Watch internet users’ behaviour with ClickTale

    Israel based ClickTale provides a new service that bridges an important gap in the land of online statistic services. The service is in private beta for now but should be releasing soon. Until then you can register for an invitation at ClickTale.com We had the chance to get an exclusive private preview. If you are a site owner, understanding your users is a primary concern to optimize the… Read More

  • NYTimes launches MyTimes, a weak RSS play

    NYTimes.com has launched a limited beta of a personalized news site called MyTimes.com (screenshots via PaidContent), an RSS play that looks more like MyYahoo than it does the recent Newsgator partnerships with MyUSAToday and MyNewsweek. Unlike in those services, it does not appear that users can add sources from outside the recommended feeds to their MyTimes page. If that’s the case… Read More

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