Madhens auctions timeshare image ads

Madhens is a new site for auctioning off image ad space on web pages for a set period of time. It looks like a simple, smart system. It’s already scored real estate on ThoughtMechanics, the #6 blog on the Technorati 100.

Through August the revenue split goes 90% to site publishers, 10% to Madhens. Over the long run the company founder says he intends to offer an 80/20 split.

Madhens was created as a summer project by Zack Coburn, who’s just graduated from high school in New Hampshire and operates out of his bedroom under the company name

I like Madhens. It’s well thought out. Ad space is auctioned by the day, week or month. Advertisers can see their traffic stats in real time and compare them with previous ads that have run in the same space.

Publishers can veto the auction winning ad in the final 24 hours before it is run. If they veto the ad, a Madhens ad takes its place for the duration of the timeshare.

Other advertising services offer auctions of text ads, graphic ads charged per click or impression or ad space at a fixed price for a period of time. Madhens is unique as far as I know in offering an auction for varying periods of time for graphic ads. While other ad systems like Google Adsense have to worry about click fraud (and are now disclosing numbers to ad buyers) that’s not an issue for a system like Madhens.

It looks like a good service and advertisers might want to get in quick while the bids are low. Adspace on Thoughtmechanics only has one bid on it as I post this!