Jotspot 2.0 Launches

Palo Alto based Jot is in the process of rolling out Jotspot 2.0, a significant upgrade to their hosted wiki solution.

We met with CEO Joe Kraus last week to demo the new product (and to discuss the Yahoo acquisition rumors from May, which were flatly denied).

Jotspot 2.0 takes the existing, mostly unstructured Jotspot wiki application and adds Office like functionality. The result is a wiki that allows users to add structured pages like calendars, spreadsheets, file repositories, documents, and photo galleries. Pricing for the service remains unchanged, with a free version and premium options ranging up to $200/month based on users, pages and storage.

With these changes it is our opinion that Jotspot is the best business-facing hosted wiki available. Jeremy Zawodny likes it too, but thinks they would be more successful if they stopped calling it a wiki.

Jotspot is also beta testing a non-hosted version of its wiki that is installed on a user’s server.

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