SlimTimer makes task timing easy

SlimTimer is a new web based time tracking service that launched this morning. It’s simple, elegant and could prove quite useful. Unlike other services focused on time sheets, SlimTimer works more like a sophisticated stop watch on the web. I’ve been looking for something just like this for awhile now.

The site was built by Richard White, the interface designer for the Kiko Online Calendar, another service we reviewed at launch last August. (Richard did the UI update after our review.)

SlimTimer users click a browser bookmarklet to open a narrow window with one-click time starting and stopping for tasks organized by title. Tasks are organized by tags not folders and users can post comments. Task timers can be shared by either coworkers able to make changes or people who can only view the information. Reports can be organized in a variety of ways and exported in CSV or printer friendly format.

After spending some time in private beta, the site went live today and is actively seeking future feature suggestions. White says he will be offering premium accounts with extra features, possibly including integration with other applications and co-branding. He emphasizes that unlike some systems, he will not place limits on the number of tasks you can track or reports you can run.