Who-R-You Connects Email with Photo

German startup Who-R-You is a dead simple social network. It also may turn out to be one of the most straightforward online dating sites (although that it not its stated use).

Go to the site, tell it your email address and add a picture of yourself. Confirm your email. Done.

Visitors to the site can browse pictures, or type in an email address and see if a picture is associated with it. Users who’ve elected to allow people to contact them can receive messages from other registered users.

This isn’t a technology showcase, nor does it have a complicated business idea. But like certain other sites we’ve profiled, just because a new web service isn’t necessarily on a liquidity event trajectory doesn’t mean it isn’t worth taking a look at.

As I mention in the first paragraph, Who-R-You may be online dating in its simplist form, as people peruse the pictures and contact users that they find attractive.

Keep an eye out for another site to be launched by the same company, called Weekendr.