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Israel based ClickTale provides a new service that bridges an important gap in the land of online statistic services. The service is in private beta for now but should be releasing soon. Until then you can register for an invitation at We had the chance to get an exclusive private preview.

If you are a site owner, understanding your users is a primary concern to optimize the usability of your online service. Most statistic services, whether user centric (eg NielsenNetRatings) network centric (eg HitWise) or site centric (eg Omniture for websites and SiteMeter, Performancing, Mint or BlogBeat for Blogs), will generate very thorough reports on page views, inbound and outbound links, time spent, visitors profile and origins as well as most clicked links and other parameters. In some cases (Eyetracking, Google Analytics and MeasureMap) they will even generate “heat zones” of most watched or clicked areas. But no one, as far as I know, is able to explain precisely the dynamic behavior of an internet user on a given web page (think mouse gestures, dynamic browsing,…).

ClickTale, who claims that “every user has a story”, will solve that issue by offering to any website or blog owner the possibility of viewing in a movie individual browsing sessions (watch an example here).

Unlike traditional web analytics that produce only pure statistics, ClickTale gives webmasters the ability to watch movies of users’ individual browsing sessions. Every mouse movement, every click and every keystroke are recorded for convenient playback. With ClickTale, webmasters can improve website usability, enhance navigation, and increase website effectiveness.

Just as a store manager visually monitors his customers’ shopping habits, ClickTale gives website owners the ability to watch their visitors browsing habits.

But that would not be so much helpful if that raw data could not be analyzed and digested. Especially for highly visited websites. I would certainly be excited by the first 50 videos but would quickly get bored after a while, and worse, could not even learn from those tens of thousands of video sessions. So, the company has also designed the statistics tools to draw conclusions from all that rich data.

In addition to movies, ClickTale provides a unique set of statistics that address important usability questions. For example, the “Percent of Page Viewed” statistic can answer “how much of the webpage did users see and how often did they scroll to the webpage’s bottom?” and the “Active Browsing Time” statistic can answer “how long did users actively browse a webpage, as opposed to just having an open inactive browser?” And there is much, much more…

In a close future ClickTale will even include new analytical capabilities that will aggregate millions of customer’s recordings providing them with a unique global perspective and help you better understand behaviors of your users to improve your site.

The interesting point is that this service will be made available to everyone and not only to big corporations greedy in user stats. ClickTale is a hosted service, so no installation is needed on the server-side or client-side and setup takes only a few minutes. Webmasters add a small piece of javascript code to their webpages. The javascript collects browsing data and transmits it to the ClickTale servers for processing. ClickTale creates movies of browsing sessions almost instantaneously and webmasters can log-in securely at anytime to view these movies. This point is important: Indeed the technology is site centric, meaning not based on a panel of users but on the site total active user base.

Privacy is a high concern addressed by ClickTale. Only authorized website personnel can watch their website’s recordings. No activity is recorded outside of the webpage: no personal files, no internet history, no interactions with locally installed software, and users are not tracked between websites. Inside the webpage, passwords are never recorded.

I think ClickTale can be a good complement to existing statistics services as they will help understanding dynamic behaviors, in particular if they are able to aggregate raw data in a more digestible way. No precision yet on the business model, but we can assume that part of this service will go premium. More information on their blog.

  • Dave Johnston

    The tipping point for me is that Adam Curry and I both “discovered” Track (I’m using that term here just because I know it needles you, Steve) on TweetDeck in the same week, roughly a month or so ago, though he’s using a slightly different method now to pull various data as content for his live station.

    While it’s just emerging as a toy for everyone from Diddy to Elizabeth Hasselbeck, it has now crossed into the actual value stream for me. And the real show begins.

    This service is one of those tools that can potentially serve everybody’s needs, from goof to science research. I’m not too worried about who does what, because I’m too busy working my own angle. And that suits me just fine. I’ll leave the stress to Winer.

    And I think Rush will be just fine. Chances are his next contract will be even larger than the 8 years $400 million he got on the last one.

    There’s always money in the banana stand.

    • Ryan Fife

      Just don’t give out free bananas to relatives…it’s bad for business.

      • Dave Johnston

        “Two sticks and extra chocolate…is it Mardi Gras?”

    • the new boss

      The banana stand burned down.

  • great photo

    Change “Marshall McLuhan” to “Twitter” and that guy standing in line bloviating about things he knows nothing about would be a dead ringer for you, Steve!

  • Gordon

    That all sounds great – but how about improving the performance of the twitter website and making it more stable.

  • Bill

    Interesting, could have done without the cheap swipe at Rush Limbaugh

    • BrickandClick

      Agree. Political swipes like this typically cause me to change stations. Errr, click to another website.

      But since you brought it up, perhaps this explains the failure of ‘Progressive Radio’. Can’t libs tweet and listen to radio at the same time? The nightmare for Mr. Gilmore is that conservative talk shows (Hugh Hewitt an example) are starting to integrate the conversation on Twitter into their shows. Hugh’s producer, @radioblogger, has north of 50,000 followers on Twitter. If Rush does this, his numbers will surge even more.

      • Bill

        Well said. When Rush lets staff update his twitter account, it will become one of the largest on the system. Guaranteed.

    • Karoli

      The ‘swipe’ at Rush wasn’t in the least gratuitous. Rush and his ilk dominate talk radio. As the conversation moves to Twitter and the audience broadens, there is every likelihood that Rush will become irrelevant. He knows this, which is why he has such contempt for Twitter. It’s eating into his market share and letting opposing views rise.

      • Bill

        His listeners are not leaving him for twitter. His numbers have grown significantly since the election. The data doesn’t support your conclusion.

  • Steven Craig Bailey

    I like tweets, shot & sweet…..tweets

  • Steven Craig Bailey

    nuts that was supposed to read short & sweet..

  • David Sonnen

    The shot at Rush was appropriate. One-way broadcast bloviating (right or left) doesn’t hold up well when a few million people immediately and publicly question the bloviator in real time.

    Twittering is a new and interesting social dynamic. It could become important. If it diminishes talk radio, such is life.

    • Dave Johnston

      There are entertainers, and then there are consumers of entertainment.* Not all people can be both. Rush (and one-way content) will be fine.

      *Same thing goes for research, and any number of other products. This isn’t going to change dramatically, only get (potentially, if we can figure it all out) better and perhaps more efficient.

  • BonanzaCasino

    The twitting is the movement right now

  • pthomas

    New media will have to adopt twitter one way or another. CNN, for instance, gets it. WE are at twitting point right now.
    Oh .. and the article is too looong for your audience …

    • Ashu

      Yes the article is too long for a Tweep to read :-)

  • Nick Carr

    “I felt a jolt and reached for my iPhone to check in with my wife on the highway. She immediately asked whether it was on Twitter.”

    Hey, who you gonna believe – Twitter or your own lyin’ husband?

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  • Rotkapchen

    Whua? There’s a “track” on TweetDeck?

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  • C Lee

    so I must admit I love twitter…can’t believe how free the quality info has become, and have even been trying to contribute myself.

    Even more outstanding is I CHOOSE my content, I don’t let media organizations choose it for me


    how long will we have access to incredible stories from distinguished news organizations if they can’t pay their writers?

    not long

    and so the 140 tweet could become the depth of society…UNLESS we figure out how to pay those producers of amazing original content

    we need to figure it out.

  • Openworld

    C Lee —

    >>how long will we have access to incredible stories from distinguished news organizations if they can’t pay their writers?

    There may be a new path. In addition to offering a (free) comments section on their web sites, endangered newspapers and broadcasters could set up a “related predictions” space where users make cogent (Twitter-like lengths) forecasts of specific events that they see likely to unfold in followup over a three or six month period.

    To make predictions and build reputations, participants would pay a small entry fee. Those whose predictions are validated over time would earn karma points with possible rewards including visibility (guest blogging, etc) in the old media’s site. Another option would be an open forum feature from time to time where predictors could go on record with new forecasts of their choosing. The prediction markets in this new system might also include prizes/financial rewards, given to local or global good causes of the best predictors’ choosing.

    Mark Frazier
    Twitter: @openworld

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  • emf testing

    Think I’ll pass, the real life versions are much more interesting and attractive

  • iPhone Apps Review

    I keep hearing about the growing b2b applications of twitter… other than marketing and networking, what have other readers used it for?

  • Boston SEO

    For the love of God, please keep comments concise!

  • iPhone Application Review

    Bill O’Reilly is annoyed by twitter because a twitterer can say whatever he wants without thinking about consequences or checking facts, and somehow people will still listen.

    Twitterers are annoyed by Bill O’Reilly because he can say whatever he wants without thinking about consequences or checking facts, and somehow people will still listen.

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