FleaFlicker is a Better Fantasy Sports Site

Fantasy sports leagues are big business, and all the big portals have their own products (see examples at ESPN, FoxSports, AOL, and Yahoo). The sites are increasingly dropping user fees as competition heats up. However, complaints continue that the sites can’t handle the massive traffic and computational load generated from users – ESPN and FoxSports were often criticized in particular during last year’s football season.

New Jersey based FleaFlicker is a “new web” fantasy football alternative. It’s free (ad supported) and has an arguably richer feature set than the existing options. See the tour here. If you are looking for the best fantasy football site out there as the new season starts, check it out. There are a number of public leagues that individuals can join, or you can start your own league. One criticism – they really need to get the FAQ/Help section completed – it’s currently a blank page.

FleaFlicker was created by Ori Schwartz.

On a sports-related note, I’m hoping Italy wins today’s World Cup Finals in Berlin. I won’t be able to deal with Jeff Clavier’s extreme-French smugness if France pulls it off. (kidding, Jeff, just kidding). :-)

Update: Oops, sorry Jeff.