TV from three major studios to go P2P

The Downloadable Television space is heating up. PeerImpact, a service of New York based Wurld Media, announced today that it has signed deals with three major TV and movie studios to offer episodes of popular television programs for download through its peer-to-peer client. The company is adding titles from Twentieth Century Fox and Warner Bros. libraries to its offerings that already included shows from NBC Universal. The company highlighted The Loop, Firefly, The Dukes Of Hazzard and Babylon Five as shows that will be available. Warner Bros. made a deal earlier this week as well with Guba to provide video on demand.

Downloads will only be viewable for a 24-hour viewing period and prices will start at 99 cents per episode. The studios have framed the agreements as a step towards further delegitimizing piracy, but the DRM wrapped around the downloads make that debatable. Perhaps most important is the juxtaposition of three major media company names and phrase P2P. That will be great for legitimization of the medium.