GoodStorm to offer e-commerce widget with 50% revenue split for bloggers

San Francisco based GoodStorm will soon launch a new program called MeCommerce that will allow bloggers to insert product listings in a javascript and iframe box on their sites and keep 50% of the retail mark-up for themselves. Blog readers will be able to purchase books and CDs inside the box without leaving the blog page they are on. Blog publishers can populate their boxes by tag or with specific items of their selection. I think this is going to be big.

An image of the purchase stage of a MeCommerce block is available on right. I tried to post a demonstration, but could only get WordPress to display it in the sidebar and not in the post. To see a demo check out the MeCommerce site. The point is that each of those blue bars drops down when clicked to display all the fields you need to purchase. The initial display is made up of the front covers of selected books and CDs along with some explanation text. This purchase stage appears when an item is clicked.

MeCommerce is accepting requests for beta invitations, accounts will open on June 30th. I think this kind of revenue split and attractive functionality make a powerful combination.

GoodStorm currently offers a service that gives individuals and organizations an online store to sell custom designed, on-demand manufactured t-shirts. Users receive 70% of the markup from manufacturing costs.

The company was founded by August Capital’s Andy Rappaport. We first covered GoodStorm when it launched in December.