BloggerKit provides easy affiliate ads, good revenue sharing

BloggerKit, an easy to use tag-based interface for the Amazon affiliate program, is officially launching today. The company founders say their service allows greater control over what is advertised than other systems and is easier to use. Unlike MyPickList, a similar service Mike profiled here earlier, BloggerKit requires very little interaction with other sites and has a great revenue model. BloggerKit users will have their Amazon affiliate ID used in 85% of the links that appear on their site, with the remaining 15% using BloggerKit’s affiliate ID.

The company was founded by Boston area Li Li, who has a Computer Science and Business PHD from Carnegie Mellon and Xi Zhang, who has a masters from the Harvard School of Design. Both founders also collaborate on Shenguonet, a popular portal for the Chinese community in the Boston area.

BloggerKit asks for your Amazon affiliate ID and provides a few lines of javascript code to paste into your template. Each post can then be ended with keywords that will determine which Amazon products appear beside it. Keywords are inserted using something like the following: “bk_keywords:canon camera, apple ipod.” Couldn’t be much simpler. While MyPicklist has partnered with far more affiliate programs, it appears to rely on users tagging particular items of interest to them on other affiliate sites.

Most important may be the revenue sharing model. While MyPicklist is reported to give users “approximately” 40% of affiliate revenue generated and does not offer this detail prominently on its website, BloggerKit proudly says it’s using your affiliate ID 85% of the time. BloggerKit is not as flashy looking as MyPicklist, but if it is targeting an increasingly sophisticated group of young users then I think that will be ok.