30 Boxes Launches Webtop Service

30 Boxes co-founder Narendra Rocherolle emailed me today to tell me about their new Webtop service – an Ajax Mac OS-X style deskop tool that gives you instant access to your 30 Boxes Calendar, Gmail, Flickr and other web sites and services that you choose to integrate. Users can also set the background image to their own picture.

It’s definitely a shot at the Ajax home page crowd, like the recently funded Netvibes and PageFlakes, as well as Flash home page site Goowy.

Some days I really do think we are back in the nineties. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was long-dead Desktop.com. In this case, though, things may turn out differently. 30 Boxes in an incredibly user-friendly calendar, the kind of thing the Internet masses could take to once they find out about it. Webtop will give those users another reason to try out 30 Boxes.