Google Spreadsheets Launches

Another week, another Google product launches. Or almost launches in this case. Google hasn’t opened up Google Spreadsheets, an Ajax spreadsheet, to the general public yet but they have published a tour of what the product will look like once it actually does launch, and you can request an invitation to try it out.

Files can be imported in CSV or XLS formats, so excel documents and other spreadsheet files should work in Google Spreadsheets. Files can be saved in CSV, XLS and HTML formats.

The collaboration feature is excellent – multiple people can update a spreadsheet at the same time and chat with eachother while doing so.

Screenshots are below. While you are waiting for your invitation you may want to try out one of the other Ajax spreadsheet applications out there, such as ZohoSheet, iRows, or numsum. Zoho is putting together a very nice Ajax office suite, by the way. If you can’t wait for Google to bestow an invitation upon you, give it a try.