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Want to know when that cute friend of yours breaks up with her boyfriend? Check out David Weekly’s, a service that let’s you type in anyone’s Myspace profile and be notified by email if their relationship status changes. It costs $3.95 to sign up for unlimited notifications, and they’ll waive the fee it you mention on your Myspace profile.

Singlestatus is a great, simple idea built by one guy in just a few days. I can certainly see this going viral based on the fee waiver.

Thanks for the pointer Nivi.

  • Jason M. Lemkin

    Congrats to the Marketo team! EchoSign electronic signature has been an early customer, it’s been a great success for us, the Salesforce integration is terrific.

  • Marketo Taking The Lead On Marketing 2.0 « I Am Rajendra - It’s My World…

    […] Source: techcrunchit […]

  • Parker Trewin

    In today’s economy it’s great to hear when any company is having success, especially with Sales and Marketers who need to deliver more with less- but Marketo is not alone. We at – are a longtime partner of Salesforce’s “cloud computing” and added 130 joint customers, last year alone. Recently, in fact, AppExchange users named Genius Pro the #1 Demand Generation App. Plus we just closed a great year with over 200% revenue growth. Check it out:

  • gregg dourgarian

    Marketo guys are smart but this notion that there is any money left after exhorbitant SFDC fees to pay for yet a marketing service on top? Pas pendant la crise please!

    Integrated is where it’s at:

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