Two Parties In Two Weeks – Seattle and London

We’ve had two TechCrunch parties in the last two weeks. Last week a bunch of us got together for a few pints in London and last night we had a packed house at Conworks in Seattle.

It’s wonderful to meet new people, or people I know online but not in person. Pictures from the London event are here, and last night’s Seattle pictures are here. If you want to add your own pictures from the events, add “TechCrunchLondon” and “TechCrunchSeattle” as flickr tags.

If you wrote about either event, please ping me and I’ll add a link to this post. There are a bunch up already for last night’s event. The Redfin blog post is here. John Cook from the Seattle Post Intelligence wrote about a lot of the startups that attended. Listen to Stuart Maxwell and Ali Daniali’s podcasts here and here, and check out what Jim Granger, David Brunelle, Mike Fridgen and Ryan Stewart thought about the event as well. More here, here, here, here, here and here.

So thank you to the 150 or so people who came to TechCrunch London and the 300 or so who attended last night in Seattle. And thanks as well to the sponsors who paid for everything – GNR covered the London event and Redfin, Farecast and Triphub paid for the Seattle event.

I’ll be back in London in early July (hopefully we can do another event) and Seattle later this month for Gnomedex 6 (Gnomedex 5 was the best conference I’ve been to in years).

By the way, I had a chance to follow up with John Cook (linked above) for a Q&A session. He wrote about the discussion on the the Seattle PI site, here.