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We had a very successful TechCrunch party in London last Monday. Next up – a party in Seattle co-produced with Redfin. And its just a few days away, next Wednesday, May 31, 2006. The party is being held at ConWorks, which is an artsy warehouse-style space on the south shore of Lake Union that will hold up to 800 people (and it sure looks like a fun place to have a party).

This event is free and open to everyone.

Event Information:

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Location: Conworks, 500 Boren Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 (Map) (View)
Time: 6:30 – 11:00 pm
RSVP: Please add your name to the wiki

The sponsors for the event are Redfin, Farecast and Triphub. Thanks to them this party is completely free for everyone. We had a number of other sponsor requests, but we are completely covered on costs – thank you to everyone who offered. John Cook from the Seattle PI and John Moe at NPR have also helped extensively with the planning. Thank you to all.

If you plan on attending, please sign up on the wiki.

  • Francine Hardaway

    I use Comcast in HMB for cable and internet (and VOIP for phone), and my friendship with Frank Eliason @comcastcares has made it a joy to deal with. But I do want some kind of faster service than Comcast gives, so I am waiting for FIOS.

  • Ryan Boyle

    I really like the example of how the NewsGang video makes it to the iPhone. Small connections add up to a big effect. The visual metaphor that came to mind was lightning occurring between clouds before finally striking the ground. Appropriately enough, it can strike in either direction (cloud-to-ground or vice versa).

    This post also reminded me how much I enjoyed the “TV is dead” Gillmor Gang with Doc Searls. I’ve been ranting about the wasted “live” TV bandwidth (mainly used to loop pre-recorded shows) ever since.

    As you’ve previously mentioned, AT&T is also offering digital TV and phone service through uVerse. It’s nice to see these providers competing for our business for once.

  • Dan

    You lost me at Olbermann.

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