My Pick List adds Myspace Widget

MyPickList is a new service that launched earlier this month. It allows users to create a list of items they would recommend to others, linked to merchants that sell those items. I wrote about it pre-launch here. They are creating tools to easily create the lists and publish them on websites. My Pick List has affiliate relationships with the merchants (current list is here), and gives publishers a cut of any sales that occur from the list. It’s similar to Yahoo’s Shoposphere, although Yahoo does not yet share any revenues with the publisher.

For publishers, it’s an easy way to promote things that they recommend and earn affilite fees without having a direct relationship with the merchant. My Pick List keeps about 60% of the revenue, though, which in my opinion is too much and needs to come down over time.

The site could use a few evolutions on design, but they are rolling out new functionality regularly. They have just released a quick widget creation tool for Myspace users, shown in the screen shot. If My Pick List can find a way to get through to these users virally or through a partnership, something like this could potentially become quite popular.