Maxthon gets ready to face browser War

MaxthonMaxthon browser: a Beijing based company we reviewed recently, will announce today an investment with Charles River Ventures and is preparing a version 2 of its already very popular browser that is supposed to be realeased in weeks time.

Maxthon went over 50 millions downloads since last time we reviewed them. They are now over 55 millions and are growing at the speed of over millions per month. Let’s remind that Maxthon is built on IE code and that they have managed to create a very good browser (not everybody agrees but they do have a great product)

MaxthonMaxthon is also preparing a version 2 of its browser that will be including many new features: new clean interface, full customization of layout, better security, multi-tab workspace, improved rss/podcast reader. More 3rd party plugins, bookmarklet and toolbar will be supported which was until now a big inconvenient. A few exclusive screenshots below. But one of the most interesting feature Maxthon is putting together will be the possibility to create an account and have stored online all your settings (bookmark, rss,…) and use them from a different computer just by logging in.

Browser is the new war field for the big guys. Microsoft is fine-tuning its IE7, FireFox and Opera get more and more sophisticated and more and more market share.

Yahoo is betting on access out of the browser with its Widgets just like Google with its new desktop search. Safa Rashtchy, from Piper Jaffray said, recently

In the new era of Internet, we believe application functionality will expand beyond the operating system into the desktops and the web; the point of personalization and delivery will become more important. We believe Maxthon and its organic growth is representative of this trend

Maxthon is definetly entering the courtyard of key players in this market. They have very serious investors (CRV, WI Harper, Morten Lund a seed Skype investor) a beautiful product and a growing community.

This war is going to be interesting to follow up and we can bet that browsers are just of the beginning of a new era.

More on Maxthon Blog.

Screenshots :