Gtalkr Shuts Down – Possible Google Acquisition

I just got word that Denver-based Gtalkr shut down yesterday and the founders, brothers Wes and Dudley Carr, have taken jobs at Google.

Gtalkr was a really cool Flash desktop/homepage tool that integrated gmail, gtalk and Yahoo maps (Yahoo has a Flash API, Google doesn’t). It launched in November 2005 and had a significant feature update in February. I’m sad to see it go, Gtalkr was one of my favorite apps.

I’ve pinged Wes Carr for the details. The last I heard from him he was closing an angel round of financing. Things obviously changed.

Update: I just spoke with Wes Carr, one of the founders. Wes was able to answer only some of my questions. In answer to “were you acquired?” he said “no comment, I cannot comment on that” which tell me that yes, they were acquired. Wes and Dudley will be moving to the Kirland, WA Google office within two weeks, both have accepted jobs as engineers. Wes also said that “they were very happy with the outcome”.

Wes had clearly been instructed by Google on what exactly he could and could not say. Again, that tells me that an acquisition took place – if it hadn’t, there would not have been those restrictions.