Back Up Your Blog

BackupMyBlog is a new service (in public beta) that will automatically back up blogs daily (I love the heavy use of green in the design). This is a much needed tool. WordPress, which is what we use for all of the TechCrunch blogs, has this feature built in, but inexplicably doesn’t backup images – so we do backups manually instead (and often forget for a day).

BackupMyBlog backups are fully redundant on two separate servers in two locations, so its extremely unlikely you’ll lose your main blog as well as both backups. However, the service has a 10 mb limit – something I don’t like – and older post backups are deleted as that limit is reached. Hopefully they’ll have options for more storage once the service is out of beta. Brian Benzinger has done a full test of the service and likes most aspects of it.

Most hosted blogs won’t be able to use the product – you must be able to add a PHP script on your blog server. If you are hosting your blog yourself, though, you should be using this or otherwise backing up your data.

The product is free during its beta period. No word on pricing after that.

This is the kind of thing I’d expect Feedburner to be doing.