Eye-Fi to Combine Wifi, Flash Memory

The one thing I wish my digital camera had was wifi so that I could auto-upload photos without the extra hassle of connecting the camera or memory card to a computer. There are cameras being released now that have this capability. However, the vast majority of cameras sold, plus the 100 million digital cameras already out there, don’t have any wireless capabilities.

Eye-Fi is tackling the problem from a different perspective. They’re building wifi directly into the flash storage. Their first product will be a 1GB SD card with built in Wifi. For about the same price as a 1 GB flash card sells for today – $100. You’ll be able to upload photos, or whatever, directly from your device to a computer using the built in storage wifi capabilities.

There’s lots more buzz on this. See Robert Scoble and Scott Beale, who are just as excited as I am about Eye-Fi. No guidance on when this will be available, but they have working prototypes. If Eye-Fi owns the intellectual property around this, look for them to license the technology to flash memory producers. I will buy this the second it becomes available.