Jigsaw Raises $12 Million, Still Evil

Jigsaw, a company that I have begged our elected representatives to do something to stop, continues to see skyrocketing growth and managed to convince Austin Ventures to lead a $12 Million series B round of financing. Previous investors El Dorado Ventures and Norwest Venture Partners also participated.

One of my best friends, Tom Ball, has joined their board of directors, which makes our conversations about the company somewhat lively to say the least. All I ask of you is this, Tom – at least try to convince Jigsaw to allow people to get their personal information out of the database so that it cannot be purchased by anyone who visits the site. Jigsaw isn’t the most evil company on the Internet by far, but it is the most evil company funded by well known and respected venture investors. There should be more to an investment decision than the bottom line profitability potential of a company. Its cost to society should be factored in as well.